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Insulated To-Go Containers!

This year, with take-out surging with popularity, to-go containers have been more necessary than ever. The type of container that your operation chooses to put food in is crucial, especially to keep foods hot. There are several different materials that are best for insulation and safety. Investing in the correct types of packaging can help diversify your menu and operation as a whole.

Cotati Food Service offers all of the necessary to-go packaging that you need to help your restaurant run smoothly and efficiently while satisfying your customers. From biodegradable, to plastic and foam, you will not have to worry about your to-go orders being unsatisfactory.

Biodegradable packaging is the most environmentally friendly route for to-go containers. Both clear and regular boxes are available in multiple shapes and sizes, from smaller rectangular boxes for salads, round containers for pasta, and larger boxes for entrees.

Foam and plastic containers are also available, which are common for the heavier dishes that could possibly seep through the biodegradable material. Foam round cups are wonderful for soups and small appetizers, and compostable cups are available in this size as well.

Cotati Food Service can provide all of the disposable packaging that your operation needs. When purchasing food, your customers need reliable food containers to maintain the necessary temperatures and keep food sanitary. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help supply your foodservice needs!

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