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Improving Your Restaurant’s Food Safety Plan

Food safety is a crucial element to any successful restaurant. Operators can create a terrific environment for their guests, hire the best chefs, and possess a fantastic menu, but none of it matters without adequate food safety measures. Nothing can destroy a restaurant’s reputation quite like customer reviews of food poising or contraction of foodborne illness. This will lead to decline in customers and a significant financial hit.

Restaurant operators can prevent this unfortunate situation by prioritizing their food safety guidelines. FSR Magazine has collected advice from industry experts on the most effective ways to implement a simple food safety plan for restaurants.

  • 13% of foodborne illnesses come from the contamination of a surface that the food touched. Restaurants should thoroughly clean their food preparation equipment within 24 hours of use.
  • Drink dispensers and nozzles must be cleaned on a consistent, everyday schedule to lower the likelihood of contamination.
  • Demand high levels of personal hygiene from all employees. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list personal hygiene as the primary cause of foodborne illness.
  • Cleaning ingredients and sanitizing materials should be placed in highly visible areas.
  • Easy-to-use cleaning agents will simplify the process of training your staff about food safety.

These tips will help your restaurant enforce a high-quality food safety program. Your restaurant’s reputation, customers, and bottom line will thank you.

For further information about effective food safety tips, please read on at FSR Magazine.

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