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Improve Your Pastry Selection to Meet Customer Demand

Customer demands are changing in the breakfast industry. Consumer research has indicated that more and more individuals are forced to eat breakfast on-the-go. With the heavy morning rush hour traffic in urban areas around the country, many customers have been forced to consume their breakfast in the car on the way to work. Whether it is grabbing something from home or picking up food at a restaurant, demand for breakfast food that is easy to eat on-the-go is in high demand.

Many staple breakfast foods do not provide the versatility to fit this growing demand. Nobody wants to eat a bowl of cereal or butter a stack of pancakes while sitting in traffic on the freeway. These options are terrific for a leisurely breakfast on a weekend morning, but they are not convenient for working individuals trying to get to work on the weekdays. This shift in consumer demand provides a tremendous opportunity for breakfast foods that are easy to eat while on-the-go, such as delicious pastries.

Our expansive product catalog can supply your restaurant with the necessary ingredients and tools to offer delicious, convenient pastries to your valued customers. Try our Pepperidge Farm Apple Turnover to add a fruity morning indulgence that your customers will love. We can supply your operation with equipment and products if your restaurant creates pastries in-house. This includes flour, dough sheets, and nylon brushes that are vital in the production of tasty pastries.

Please contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how we can provide convenient, on-the-go breakfast items to increase your sales!

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