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How to Prepare Your Menu for the Fall

Customer eating preferences change with the seasons. Warm temperatures increase demand for cold cut sandwiches and fresh salads. Cooler weather brings more attention to steaming bowls of soups, chili, and stews. As fall approaches, your restaurant should consider adding these delicious items to take advantage of the shift in weather.

The best tasting soups and chili come from a commitment to using fresh meat and vegetables in the dish. This is because fresh meat and vegetables carry a higher quality taste that your customers will appreciate. While there are differences in every recipe, a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup typically relies on quality shredded chicken, carrots, and celery to add texture in each bite. Juicy tomatoes and fresh ground meat form the foundation in high-quality chili. Most chili recipes also call for a variety of vegetables, such as onions and peppers.

Cotati Food Service can supply your restaurant with the fresh solutions to add delicious soups and chili to the menu. We offer the fresh produce, such as Packer Jumbo Carrots and Jumbo Onions, to enhance any soup on your menu. We also offer a variety of canned tomatoes, including Angela Mia Crushed Tomatoes, that will help craft new, mouthwatering chili recipes.

Restaurants that use high quality ingredients during the creation of soups and chili will produce tasty options for their customers this fall. Contact Cotati Food Service for more information about how our fresh solutions can benefit your restaurant!

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