How To Lower Your Electrical Bill

Operators are forced to manage tremendous energy costs. This includes lighting, air conditioning, and power to run all the necessary appliances to produce delicious food. Many essential pieces of equipment require significant use of electricity, but there are creative ways to lower these costs.

Limiting energy costs and conserving power has several benefits. It will reduce costs on your monthly electrical bill while having a positive impact on the environment. Restaurant sustainability is an increasingly important focus and working towards reducing electrical costs is a major step in that direction.

Here are several relevant tips to lower your electrical costs:

  • Begin the day’s baking with products that require the coolest oven temperatures
  • Organize your refrigerators so that frequently used items are located at the front; this will lower the amount of time the doors are open
  • Always cover dishes with lids to keep heated air in pots that will lower cooking time
  • Only load fryer baskets to their stated capacity; overcrowded food takes more time to cook
  • Use the cold, outside air to cool your kitchen when possible
  • Assign an employee to review energy conservation monthly

These tips will lower your costs, increase efficiency in the kitchen, and improve your restaurant’s sustainability.

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