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How to Improve Your Delivery and Takeout

The restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced restaurants to rely on takeout and delivery services to sustain sales during the past two months. Restaurants are beginning to open their doors for dine-in, but many people will continue to avoid public settings and dine at home. Operators must continue to place an emphasis on their to-go services.

Quality takeout containers serve several important purposes for operators. Secure containers will prevent spills and reduce the risk of contamination, which your customers will appreciate during these uncertain times. Containers also make a significant impact in keeping food at the proper temperature. This is essential to deliver your customers “fresh off the grill” quality from the comfort of their home.

Cotati Food Service offers a wide range of to-go containers that will properly package all of your menu items. This includes foam containers, hot food containers, and plastic containers that come in different shapes, sizes, and materials. These items will keep all types of food safe while sustaining the proper temperature from the kitchen to the front door. Whether it is a fresh salad or a cup of coffee, our products provide the foundation for the safe delivery of delicious food to the homes of your valued customers.

Cotati Food Service will optimize the safety and quality of your takeout and delivery, which will lead to happy customers and increased sales. Please contact our team for more details on how we can fulfill any of your foodservice needs!

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