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How to COVID-19 Proof Your Restaurant This Winter

Are you running a restaurant during this unprecedented winter? You’re probably wondering how you can best prepare your business for success this special holiday season.

Here are a few actionable steps that you can take to retain existing customers, make new ones, and provide the best dining experience for all of your guests.

Keep Your Guests Warm
There’s nothing worse than a cold meal on a cold day. You can change that by adding heaters and other fixtures to warm up your restaurant. Heating is significant if your restaurant involves outdoor dining. Check your state and city regulations to use heaters and consult any necessary manufacturers to provide the best dining experience possible.

Ensure Amazing Airflow
In the 2020-2021 winter season, your restaurant is going to need fantastic airflowTo disperse and prevent COVID 19 from increasing, you’ll need open airflow. This can get tricky when it’s cold outside, but you can set up indoor and outdoor heaters when necessary. If you have a robust HVAC system, you’ll be well on your way to creating a safe, enjoyable winter environment.

Get Ready To Serve Hot Foods Outside If Needed
Now, more than ever, your restaurant will need to serve warm foods during the winter. Since outdoor seating will likely be enforced in more population-dense cities, you’ll need to tweak your menuAdd in more menu items that can be served warm or hot for your guest’s enjoyment. Take the possibility of serving temperature specific food in relaxed environments into consideration.

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Prep Your Premium Delivery Service
Right at the top of the list of strategies to increase your sales is offering a premium delivery service during the pandemic. Even if your restaurant uses Uber, Doordash, or other external delivery services, you can still add an extra touch of magic for your guests. A few extra goodies or a personal touch is always appreciated during troubled times.

Edit Your Awesome Holiday Specials
It’s time to bring out the holiday dishes for your guests. Get out the roasted ham and the prime rib. Winter is all about the holiday season specials. Make sure your menu has lots of them.

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