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How Plant-Based Ingredients Can Benefit Your Restaurant

Plant-based proteins are appearing on full-service plates. These healthy and sustainable foods are growing in popularity from tremendous customer demand. Many chefs have parted with animal proteins of the past to embrace experimentation in a plant-forward future.

The taste and nutrition company Kerry released a Rethinking Meatless report that estimated plant-based products have experienced an 800% increase in the past four years. Your restaurant can take advantage of this trend and increase sales by adding foods that feature plant-based ingredients. This will attract health-conscious customers that are searching for quality plant-based foods.

Here are four plant-based proteins to use in your menu:

  • Quinoa
  • Impossible Meats
  • Lentils
  • Spirulina

These plant-based ingredients provide a financial opportunity. The food cost for these ingredients are roughly half of traditional meat items. This will help your restaurant raise profit margin.

Cotati Food Service can supply your operation with high-quality ingredients to craft delicious plant-based menu items. Contact our team for more detailed information about how we can help your restaurant grow!

For more detailed information about these ingredients and the growth of plant-based proteins, please read on at FSR Magazine.

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