How Operators Can Prosper Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

How Operators Can Prosper Throughout The Pandemic

Foodservice is being significantly impacted by COVID 19 – restaurants, bakeries and cafes are working through strict safety guidelines. Even with these difficult hurdles, operators can take the following actions to remain safe and be successful.

Sanitation discipline is essential. Require strong personal hygiene and demand constant handwashing, especially from employees who touch food. Gloves should be worn in the kitchen to limit personal contact with food. Use effective cleaning agents on packaging and common surfaces. Keep your employees and customers safe – and your operation running.

Adopt an effective online ordering system. Operators can provide easy, effective, mobile ordering to make it convenient for customers who want to enjoy their delicious food. Offer ordering across various platforms –phone, website, text or mobile app. Expect customers to pay online to reduce one-on-one interaction and increase take-out.

Without dine-in options, operators must focus on to-go orders. Revise menus to create more travel-stable offerings. Limit availability to make it easier on your reduced kitchen staff. Change up your specials and promotions to keep customers coming back.

Use safe and secure packaging. Containers need to be safe and convenient. Use tamper-proof seals and adhesive bands to protect your food from any spills and reduce the risk of contamination. Consumers will appreciate the safety of your operation, which will increase the likelihood that they return in the near future.

Provide customers with curb-side pickup so they can enjoy your menu without having to expose themselves to crowds, which helps adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Add delivery. Weigh the costs of adding delivery against the outreach to customers uncomfortable leaving home. Delivery staff must have hand-sanitizer and follow safe delivery protocols.

Finally, communicate to customers about all the steps you are taking – through email messages, social media updates, website posts and signs at your operation.

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