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How Impossible Meat Can Benefit Your Menu

In recent years, more people are adopting healthier eatings habits. This has resulted in the growing popularity of the vegan and vegetarian diet. There are numerous health benefits to limiting meat consumption, such as weight loss, easier digestion, and improved heart health.

Many restaurants have reviewed their menu to accommodate this trend. The menu must now possess several delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes to appeal to the greatest number of potential customers. One popular item to add to your menu is the impossible burger.

The impossible burger is a meatless burger that has garnered nationwide attention for its strong demand. The plant-based patty allows restaurant operators to provide a delectable option for vegan and vegetarian eaters. Your restaurant will attract new customers with a variety of eating preferences by adding an impossible burger to the menu.

However, the plant-based meat is just one ingredient featured in a tasty impossible burger. Your restaurant will stand out by surrounding an impossible meat patty with a delicious bun and fresh ingredients. Cotati Food Service can supply your restaurant with these products. Use one of our 100% wheat buns as the foundation for an impossible burger. Fill your scrumptious new burger with our refreshing Packer Tomatoes and Red Onions.

Contact Cotati Food Service for more information about how we can provide your restaurant with high-quality ingredients!

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