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How Hot Dogs Can Improve Your Menu

Restaurants are constantly seeking new ways to capitalize on customer demand. The summer months represent a wonderful financial opportunity for restaurants. Warm weather increases demand for certain items, such as cheeseburgers, watermelon, and ice cold beer. However, no food is more connected to summer than the hot dog.

From outdoor BBQs to baseball games, many people enjoy hot dogs every summer. Our nation’s love fest with hot dogs goes beyond simply eating. Millions of Americans will sit in front of the TV every 4th of July and watch professional eaters consume dozens of hot dogs in ten minutes. The popularity of this contest is representative of just how much Americans love hot dogs.

Customers will demand hot dogs during summer. A hot dog is a versatile item to have on your menu. It will be a favorite for kids, especially when served plain with ketchup. It will also be a mouthwatering option for adults when served with spicy mustard, fresh onions, and relish.

Cotati Food Service can help your restaurant provide hungry customers with delicious hot dogs. We can supply your operation with high-quality Hebrew National hot dogs. These can be served plain, or wrapped in bacon to create a “star” on your menu. Pair these hot dogs with delectable buns from US Bakery. The combination of these products will help your restaurant take advantage of customer demand for hot dogs this summer.

Contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how our expansive product catalog will help upgrade your menu!

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