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How Chili Combats Cold Weather

The coldest months of winter are here, and the harsh weather has a significant impact on customer eating habits. Hot foods that warm the soul are in high demand this time of year. From hot sandwiches to hearty soups, there are a number of different menu items that bring value to customers looking for relief from the cold. Chili is one dish that can separate your restaurant from the competition this winter.

Chili is the ideal menu item for customers that are seeking a hot dish with tremendous flavors. The integral part of any chili recipe is the tomato sauce, as it is the base ingredient. However, the remaining ingredients largely depend on the recipe. Ground meat, such as beef or turkey, is typically added to bring protein to the dish. Excluding meat from your chili recipe is an easy way of adding a vegetarian option to the menu. A collection of different vegetables are often included to finish off the dish, such as onions, mushrooms, and peppers. The high versatility of chili, in addition to its terrific taste and warm temperature, provides tremendous value for restaurant operators this winter.

The product catalog at Cotati Food Service contains all the necessary ingredients to create warm, delicious bowls of chili for your valued customers. We carry multiple brands of high-quality tomato products that serve as the crucial foundation for the dish. Our assortment of ground meat will help your restaurant create different types of chili on the menu. Lastly, we can supply your operation with a variety of beans and fresh produce to complete a mouth-watering bowl of steaming hot chili.

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