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High Facility Standards are Crucial for Storage

Food safety is one of the highest priorities for storage facilities. There are a variety of factors, from water damage to animals, that can cause significant problems and threaten food safety.

Here are five areas that storage providers must check on a routine basis:

  1. Patch any holes in window frames or windows
  2. Watch for leaks in the foundation edges, walls, or roof
  3. Check for any rodent burrows or tracks around the building
  4. Eliminate any exterior or interior damage like open pipes, holes, or cracks
  5. Prevent chemicals, pesticides, or cleaning agents from getting near any food items 

It is important to be mindful of these tips when searching for a storage location. The warehouse at Cotati Food Service provides customers with a clean, safe, and structurally-sound environment that can fill a variety of storage needs.

For more storage tips, continue reading at Modern Restaurant Management.

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