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Heavy Cartoned Eggs Supply

A new week means a new Market News report! Want to stay updated on the baking industry? Continue reading for this week’s highlights: 

EGGS: Wholesale prices for cartoned shell eggs steady with limited offerings but moderate to heavy supplies. Interest is light to moderate and trading is slow to moderate. Wholesale prices for graded loose eggs are firm to higher with moderate to fully adequate supplies and light to moderate offerings. Interest is mixed and trading is becoming more active.

WHEAT: On Tuesday, May Chicago wheat and Matif futures hit the highest price it has ever traded in history. Yesterday’s WASDE report showed estimated ending stocks for wheat at 653 million bushels, 285 million bushels for soybeans, and 1.440 billion for corn. Crude oil prices have traded anywhere between $100-$125 in the past week. This has caused prices at the pump to go up and ultimately commodities in general.

BUTTER: No new updates. 


Click HERE for the full report.

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