Ham for the Holidays!

There are several foods that define the holiday season. For example, the wonderful combination of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce make Thanksgiving dinner one of the most anticipated nights of the year for many foodies. Ham is another traditional delicacy that will get your customers salivating in the upcoming weeks. Restaurants that provide options featuring a smoked or honey baked ham will capitalize on demand and increase sales.

Ham is a versatile meat that offers tremendous year-round value for your restaurant. Thinly sliced, it pairs wonderfully with warm bread and fresh vegetables to form a mouth-watering sandwich. When diced, it is the ideal addition to bring protein and flavor to an egg scramble. Ham is also a vital ingredient in many split pea soup recipes, which will be a favorite on your menu during the winter months.

Cotati Food Service offers a variety of high-quality ham in our exclusive Holiday savings. Two examples include our traditional Pit Smoked Ham as well as our Round Boneless Smoked Ham. Smoked ham carries a rich, delicious flavor and can highlight many different dishes. We are thrilled to offer them at a terrific value this Holiday season!

Whether it is an extravagant holiday dish or a hearty sandwich, the fresh solutions at Cotati Food Service will help your restaurant light up the season with amazing menu items for valued customers!

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