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Going Crazy for Ham!

Ham is a beloved staple of the American diet. It is a featured ingredient in many popular meals, whether it is a holiday feast with a honey baked ham or a steaming bowl of split pea soup in the winter. Restaurants can increase their sales and boost customer satisfaction by offering menu items that highlight the juicy flavors of fresh ham.

There are many different ways that you can cook ham, but most consumers enjoy the traditional honey glazed ham. It is incredibly simple in terms of ingredients, with just light brown sugar and clover honey. After the ham cooks in the oven by itself for an hour and forty minutes, you combine the brown sugar and honey to create a mouth-watering glaze, pouring it over the ham and allowing it to roast for another hour and forty minutes.

This can be smart to offer in restaurants because ham can feed quite a few people. Additionally, even though its popularity spikes during holidays, many enjoy ham year-round. People like to order it because of the tender taste present in every bite. Restaurants should offer ham right now for those who don’t want to cook on Easter during this uncertain time. It can be served with a variety of different sides, such as green beans, collard greens, or even homemade mac & cheese. Cotati Food Service will provide your operation with the high-quality ingredients to add these delicious items to your menu. Hams can also be ordered to deliver directly to your home!

Cotati Food Service offers all natural uncured smoked ham, bone-in steaks, as well as black forest ham. We also have collard greens, and delicious green beans.

Please contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how we can supply your foodservice needs!

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