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Get Your Summer BBQ Menu Ready!

Summer is almost here. As the season changes and the weather gets toasty, people start looking forward to enjoying delicious tastes from the grill. Summertime brings a specific demand for foods associated with barbecue and grilling.

Summer barbecues take place anywhere with a grill; this includes backyards, parks, and campsites. Bringing the tastes and experiences of a summertime barbecue to your restaurant is a wonderful opportunity to increase sales during the summer months. With our exclusive Spring Savings prices on select items, Cotati Food Service can provide the ingredients to add the mouth-watering tastes of a summer barbecue to your menu at a tremendous value.

We offer a wide variety of bread options courtesy of United States Bakery. Buy our sesame hamburger bun to pair with a hearty cheeseburger, a fresh piece of grilled chicken, or even an impossible burger to help attract plant-based eaters to your operation.

The Spring Savings special contains several chicken products from Pierce Chicken that will add some flavor and spice to your menu. Combine our breaded honey-dipped chicken with a toasted bun to form a fried delicacy with a hint of sweetness.

Adding tasty appetizers is vital to providing your customers with a complete dining experience. The Spring Savings special includes several items from Simplot Foods that will provide ideal side plates to your barbecue. Add our beer battered sidewinder fries, thin cut sweet potato fries, and guacamole to make scrumptious sides that complement the rest of the meal.

Please contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how our Spring Savings special can improve your menu at a great value!

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