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Food Storage in the Age of the Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has made a significant impact on restaurant operators around the country. Restaurants have experienced a significant decline in traffic over the past two weeks. This has a direct influence on sales as well as purchasing decisions.

Operators must practice safe food handling and storage practices. The outbreak is posed to cause inevitable disruptions within the supply-chain, which can cause storage problems for operators. Strong commitment to keeping purchased ingredients and foods safe for an extended period of time can help operators save money during the upcoming weeks.

Cotati Food Service features an array of storage services that will keep your food products safe. Our facility, spanning 43,500 square-feet, offers the capacity to store high-quantities of frozen, refrigerated, and dry products. With low-cost pallet storage, Cotati Food Service is able to provide customers with high-quality storage at a tremendous value.

Please contact our team for more information about how our storage services can help your operation!

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