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Five Trends That Will Improve Your Menu

Just like fashion, restaurant menus are subject to trends, some of which turn out to be short-lived fads. What’s hot one day is often replaced by the next big thing. But there are menu trends that maintain popularity, year after year.

For restaurant operators, there are many benefits to being aware of the top menu trends. Restaurants can increase sales and bring in new customers by adding foods that have strong customer demand. It will also help broaden the menu and provide an opportunity for restaurants to craft new favorite dishes in the eyes of their customers.

Here are five mainstream trends to consider when reviewing your menu:

  • Incorporating elements of food truck cuisine
  • Using local ingredients
  • Adding health-conscious options
  • Introducing ethnic menu items
  • Highlighting traditional favorites

The fresh solutions at Cotati Food Service will supply your restaurant with the high-quality ingredients to implement these trends into your menu.

For detailed information on how your restaurant can utilize each trend, please read on at The Balance: Small Business.

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