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Expand Your Breakfast Options

Breakfast food is currently trending in the United States. While traditional foods such as eggs, bacon, and pancakes remain staples of American diets, customers are searching for different options that satisfy their desires. Breakfast offerings can bring value to customers in many ways: taste, health benefits, convenience and many more. One customer might want an egg white omelet with lean turkey one morning and a stack of buttermilk pancakes with bacon the next day. One customer may have time for a two hour, sit-down meal on the weekend, but only have 5-10 minutes to pick up something quick during their morning commute to work on weekdays. Having a versatile menu that is able to provide value to customers in many ways is vital to leading the breakfast food industry.

The pressure to adapt and introduce innovative ideas can be seen at the top of the industry. A prominent leader in breakfast food sales recently announced the addition of donut sticks to their menu. This new product offers value to customers at several levels. It is a sweet item that will attract those who enjoy beginning their day by fulfilling sugary cravings. The new offering also provides convenience to the customer by creating an easy to handle item that customers can eat while on-the-go.

Cotati Food Service can supply your business with the ingredients to expand your menu offering and gain ground on the breakfast industry leaders. Thinking of introducing a breakfast sandwich for customers on-the-go? Our product catalogue possesses Applewood smoked bacon (875550) and English Muffins in sandwich sizes (102469) to supply your business with the ideal ingredients to create a quick and tasty morning sandwich. Wanting to upgrade your pancake selection? Combine our offerings of buttermilk pancake mix (77514), milk chocolate chips (822791), and white chocolate chips (775063) to create a delicious serving of white and milk chocolate pancakes.

The next time your business seeks to expand the menu, contact Cotati Food Service for a product catalogue that will provide the ideal ingredients for your most innovative ideas.

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