Excessive Heat Causes Compromised Quality and Shelf Life

This week’s Legacy Market News Report features information regarding the egg and flour markets as well as updates on the supply and demand of various produce.

Weather: Due to excessive heat, there has been an increase in fringe burn, sun scalding, dehydration, wilt, and weaker texture in produce. This is difficult to control as the product looks good at harvest and surfaces later. The wildfires throughout Salinas Valley have caused heavy smoke covers, which slowed the growth of the plants and created a further shortage.

Broccoli: Supplies are lighter due to the recent heatwave; we are seeing reduced yields. We are diverting product from Central Mexico to help cover. The market is very strong.

Onions: The market is level. Supplies will begin shipping out of storage in October. New crop, fresh run in Pro Mark label now available.

Spring Mix: Overall just fair quality. Slight light texture and discoloration from rapid growth and heat. We will closely monitor shelf life.

Strawberries: Growers are still dealing with heat damage on the fruit. Market is extremely tight and will remain so. The heat has also impacted raspberries and blackberries here in CA. There are some MX blackberries beginning to arrive.

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