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Embrace Small Plates on Your Menu

If your restaurant is serving up dishes that are meant to be shared, or mini versions of popular menu items (think sliders!), you’ve already become part of the small plates trend. Small plates are tiny, bite-sized offerings that are often served in individual portions. Small plates restaurants take this idea to the next level, exclusively offering shareable portions that give customers a chance to sample more items on your menu while also giving chefs more creative culinary freedom.

This trend has taken the restaurant industry by storm, as customers nationwide have shown tremendous interest in experiencing small plate eating. This method of eating puts power in the hands of customers by providing them with options. By ordering a combination of small plates, customers can now experience a variety of different foods and flavors in one meal.

Here are five reasons why small plates have experienced an increase in popularity:

  • Customers can dine like food critics
  • Less risk while ordering
  • Increase in socializing during meals
  • Smaller Portions = Less Calories
  • Visual Appeal 

Small plates can provide customers with tons of value for the reasons listed above. Restaurants must monitor this trend and consider adding this option to their menu. Adding small plates to the menu can increase your sales by providing customers with a cutting edge and versatile dining experience.

For more detailed information about the benefits that small plates bring to customers, please read more at Upserve.com.

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