DONUT Forget to Celebrate National Doughnut Day with Buchmann Eggs

Need an excuse to indulge in something sweet? Celebrate National Doughnut Day with a warm, delicious pastry perfect for breakfast, dessert, or both! Treat yourself this upcoming Friday, June 4th with Buchmann Eggs.


Although the exact origin of the doughnut is unknown, variations of the donut can be seen across the globe – from the Dutch settlers’ olykoek (oil cake) to its modern glaze. The popularity of the doughnut arose after World War I when the Salvation Army women volunteers served doughnuts to American servicemen in hopes of providing them a taste of home


  • Glazed

The ultimate doughnut. Topped with the perfect coat of sweet glaze, this fluffy pastry can be found in almost every doughnut shop in the U.S.

  • Boston Cream 

With its chocolate frosting and custard filling, this doughnut was inspired by Massachusetts’ Boston cream pie.

  • Long Johns

Similar to an eclair (a French pastry), it’s a rectangle-shaped doughnut covered with one of the two most popular flavors, chocolate or maple. 

Wanting to add some sweetness to your menu? Buchmann Eggs has everything you need to make tasty doughnuts, just in time for National Doughnut Day!

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