Croissants and Coffee…The Ideal Breakfast!

Looking for an ideal breakfast to go with your cup of coffee? Try adding a sweet or savory croissant to your menu. 

When it comes to easy breakfast, a flaky, buttery croissant is a perfect way to wake up. Super portable and delicious, it’s hard to pass up something that pairs so well with a cup of coffee.

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While croissants are considered an indulgent treat in some countries, they are a staple breakfast food in France despite their higher fat content.

Different Types of Croissants


Sweet fillings include ingredients like chocolate, almond, fruit, pastry cream, and more. Fillings are a great way to add moisture and an added layer of flavor to flaky pastries. You can even try serving a croissant with a scoop of ice cream for a sweet treat every customer will love.


While sweet treats might not be your go-to in the mornings, there are dozens of tasty savory options that promise to please your customers. Savory fillings include ham and cheese, caramelized onions, and goat cheese. A popular favorite among consumers pairs brie, bacon, and honey to form an irresistible morning treat!

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