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Coronavirus: Key Sanitation Options For Your Restaurant

Standard soap, water and disinfectant wipes can only take you so far in preventing infection during this pandemic of the coronavirus. There are, however, four tech-forward tools that could set your restaurant apart during this time.

Handwashing of the future

Keeping your hands clean is one of the most important things that you can do to prevent the spread. However, 73% of handwashes in restaurants fail to meet the hygiene quality standards. Food Service Monitoring Inc has a new device called The Hand Wash Coach that tracks the hand-washer’s movements to ensure that they are washing their hands adequately. It shows the correct method and counts how long the water should be on. It is currently in beta testing in New York but should be released soon.

Scanning for harmful germs

There is also a new scanner called the HandScanner that can scan someone’s hands to trace harmful germs using “visible light fluorescence spectroscopy”. In two seconds after washing their hands, employees would know if there is still contamination present. This could be incredibly beneficial for restaurants, especially during a time of an outbreak.

Health questions answered 24/7

Zedic, an app with a subscription, provides operators with action plans for health situations, with 24/7 chat support with professionals. Coincidentally, it launched during the middle of this pandemic. It also sends notifications for news alerts related to the coronavirus and other foodservice industry updates.

Proper hygiene training

SerfSafe is a sanitation and hygiene training resource that offers an online course and assessment, an in-person training course, and a physical book. They cover topics such as personal hygiene and restaurant cleanliness methods.

To learn more about what steps you should take to prepare your restaurant correctly for this pandemic, go to Nation’s Restaurant News.

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