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Consumer Trends Shift as Pandemic Continues

Consumers’ eating habits are continuously changing during these uncertain times. With dine-in closures and limited restaurant menus, we will continue to see atypical occasions. Consumers continue to eat and source foods and beverages outside of their normal routines. Consumers are attracted to foods that are accessible and offer comfort. These are five ways consumers are eating now:

– Cutting back on normal restaurant foods

Consumers are less focused on items they would typically order at a full-service restaurant. Instead, they are more interested in comfort and indulgent foods like pizza, burgers, and fries, as well as carbonated soft drinks and frozen slushies.

– Letting health and wellness fall by the wayside

Consumers are less interested in health and wellness habits due to the pandemic. In July, 3% of orders included a side salad, down from 4% a year ago. Consumers are also less interested in dieting, dropping 43.8% in April 2020, and down from 48.3% the previous year.

– Driving alcoholic beverage sales

Consumers have increased their consumption of alcohol during the pandemic. Regulations have also relaxed across the country as consumers are able to get alcoholic beverages to go from restaurants.

– Choosing drive-thru

42% of all restaurant transactions occurred at a drive-thru in June 2020, a 26% increase from a year ago. Operators are making new store designs to optimize digital ordering and carryout.

– Eating most in the afternoon

People are eating afternoon snacks more than any other part of the day. There was a shift towards more indulgence and stress relief due to the virus.

As consumers’ habits continue to change, it is important that operations stay informed. Cotati Food Service is proud to offer a large variety of products to the North Bay. Contact us today!

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