Consumer Demand for Shell Eggs Remained Lackluster

This week’s Legacy Market News Update has important information regarding butter, eggs, and flour markets. Here are some key insights to consider for this week:

EGGS: Wholesale prices for cartoned shell eggs held steady through the week as the level of offerings declined to light to moderate levels even as supplies drew down to moderate levels. Interest is expected to rise into next week as grocers return shell eggs to their advertising campaigns and as consumers stock up following recent bouts of inclement wintery weather over much of the nation that has hampered mobility.

BUTTER: It’s still hard to explain the strength in the CME spot butter price. There are more anecdotal comments about stronger exports and some processors shifting toward 82% unsalted butter, which might be tightening fresh supplies of new crop butter.

FLOUR: Traders debating about winter kill and moisture is still at the forefront of the market. The start of wheat emergence is just around the corner. Wheat futures are testing new highs.

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