Chinese Imports of Butter Running Strong into New Year

This week’s Legacy Market News Update has key information regarding butter, flour, and eggs, which is helpful for all of the baking operations. Buchmann Eggs can provide all of the best products for your operation today — contact us!

BUTTER: Chinese imports of butter/AMF have been running very strong in recent months and it looks like that demand has carried into the new year. These kinds of prices are going to depress demand from other countries.

FLOUR: Dryness and cold temperatures are returning talks of winter kill in HRW country. Most market analysts are viewing this as a short-term correction.

EGGS: Consumer demand for shell eggs began to rise in typical seasonal fashion as the market moves into the end of January. Wholesale prices for cartoned shell eggs posted sharp increases during the week as available offerings tightened while supplies have gradually diminished, creating a sense of urgency among marketers to cover their anticipated needs.

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