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Chicken for Breakfast?

The breakfast market for been dominated for decades by a couple of staple foods. From bacon and eggs to pancakes and waffles, there are several favorites that immediately come to mind when consumers envision their favorite breakfast foods. However, in the age of consumer empowerment, the long-lasting list of favorites is growing and changing rapidly. A new focus on health and wellness within society has increased the popularity of health-conscious items such as avocado toast and Greek yogurt in recent years. Options that are easy to consume on the go, such as protein shakes and fruit smoothies, have also grown into prominent selections. However, there is a new ingredient that is beginning to make a dent in the breakfast industry: chicken.

When most consumers think of breakfast meats, bacon and ham lead the way. Some may throw turkey on the frying pan to pair with eggs, but bacon and ham are far and away the most popular breakfast meats. Chicken is beginning to change that concept. A popular national chain introduced chicken in their breakfast years ago, and it is now the staple of their breakfast menu that ranks among the top in the industry. Chicken’s popularity is in large part due to its extreme versatility. It can be served as an extremely healthy option when grilled or as a buttery, comfort-food favorite when fried. This versatility means that adding chicken products to your menu can appeal to a very wide range of customer wants.

Cotati Food Service’s product catalog possesses several chicken products to provide your restaurant with the chicken to create new favorites for your customers. Buy our Harvestland Chicken Breast and then allow your chefs to get creative. Your team can construct a buttery, comfort food indulgence of fried chicken and waffles or a lean grilled chicken and egg breakfast sandwich from the same chicken breast. These are two completely different products targeting two different types of consumers, yet both require chicken breasts that our product catalog can provide. The many ways that chicken can be transformed in the kitchen allows your restaurant to create many different products with the purchase of one ingredient. Using ingredients like chicken that can be served several ways will save your restaurant time and money. Let Cotati Food Service increase the efficiency of your restaurant while providing your chefs with an ingredient that will inspire their creative minds and lead to new favorites for your customers.

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