Carrot Demand Remains High, Market Steady

This week’s Legacy Market News Update contains lots of valuable information regarding various types of products. Here are some key takeaways to note:

CARROTS — Markets are steady in the West. Demand is good on baby and snack pack carrots and supplies will be short for the upcoming weeks due to capacity issues at the processors. CA Jumbo sizing is still challenged.

SPINACH — Good supply. Improvement on light texture from rapid growth. We will continue to closely monitor shelf life.

GRAPES — We have good promotable supplies of red and green seedless available. We are now on the downside of the harvest. Quality and condition is excellent. No rain in the near future.

ARUGULA — Good supply and overall good quality. Slight light texture from heat. We will closely monitor shelf life. Looked outstanding.

CAULIFLOWER — Good supply for current demand. Insect pressure has been a challenge from weather patterns, we are managing at field level.

AVOCADO — Prices are stable. Mexican supplies are ample. California season is nearly over. Quality is excellent.

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