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Capitalize on the Versatility of Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is one of the most versatile ingredients in the food industry. It is spread on bagels, smeared on sandwiches, and placed in delicious frosting used on cakes and cupcakes. This versatility is largely due to the creamy texture that is essential for many baking needs. It is the ideal ingredient to pair with a crunchy bagel to form a delicious grouping of contrasting tastes. Cream cheese does not contain much sugar, so it provides a wonderful base for frosting to ensure the taste is not too sweet. Cream cheese frosting produces extremely rich flavors, which plays an essential role in its vast versatility.

Cotati Food Service offers a wide array of cream cheese products that can provide your restaurant with the ability to offer exciting new flavors to your valued customers. Use our traditional Philadelphia Cream Cheese to spread on a sesame seed bagel and top with lox to form a delicious breakfast option. Searching for cream cheese with a slightly lighter texture? Try our Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese to offer a fluffy texture that is much easier to spread than traditional cream cheese. Our product catalog also offers flavored cream cheese to help you provide your customers with a variety of tastes while still enjoying the wonderful, creamy texture that defines cream cheese. Use our Packer Strawberry Cream Cheese to create many fruity favorites on your menu. Whether it is strawberry cream cheese spread on a blueberry bagel or strawberry frosting on a warm vanilla cupcake, flavored cream cheese empowers your chefs to create delicious and innovate offerings for your customers.

Please contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how our wide-ranging product catalog can help improve your restaurant’s menu!

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