Cakes for Father’s Day Because Dessert Is the Ultimate Gift

Spread the love on Father’s Day & lean into dad’s sweet tooth this year with tasty cakes he won’t be able to resist! From chiffon cakes to a classic chocolate cake, Buchmann Eggs carries all the ingredients needed to expand your dessert menu. Satisfy your customers with these sweet treats: 


RED VELVET: For your chocolate lovers, red velvet cake is a layer cake with a subtle chocolate flavor and a distinctive bright red hue. Often paired with a sweet and fluffy white frosting, it’s a simple yet popular dessert – perfect for Father’s Day.

ANGEL FOOD: Looking for a healthier option? Angel food cake is a snow-white, airy cake that is beautifully combined with fresh fruit. Made with egg whites alone, it’s a delicate treat for customers wanting a refreshing taste

CHIFFON: A classic chiffon cake is a cross between an oil cake and a sponge cake. With its tender crumb and rich flavor, it’ll have your customers wanting more!


Dad may say he wants nothing more than love for Father’s Day, but we know he really means love and CAKE. What better way to show your love than with this delicious dessert. 

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