Butter Prices Fluctuating this Week

This week’s Legacy Market News Report features key information regarding various food industries. Here is a summary of some important points to consider:

BUTTER: The CME spot butter price fluctuated around this week, but stayed $1.81+ ($3,990+). Stronger cheese production (thanks to better cheese demand), good ice cream production and reopening restau- rants are all taking cream away from U.S. butter makers. There is still some risk we can hit $2.00 short-term, but the market lost some mo- mentum this week. EU prices were steady to a little higher on decent demand and cool weather tightening supply a little.

FLOUR: Good weather across the central and southern Plains have corn planting off to a great start, and Hard Red Winter wheat heading nicely. We’re seeing more feedlots using Hard Red Winter (HRW) wheat instead of corn as the spread in price between the two have made HRW more favorable. USDA crop conditions for Hard Red Winter wheat show a 53% good/excellent versus 62% last year.

EGGS: Wholesale prices for cartoned shell eggs declined through the week as the market is coming down from its Easter high. Offerings are more than sufficient while supplies are moderate to heavy and more than adequate to support current needs.

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