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Bolster Your Appetizer Menu!

Appetizers offer restaurant operators a tremendous opportunity. As the introductory bite for your customer, a delicious appetizer sets the tone for a wonderful and tasteful dining experience. Small dishes allow your chefs to get creative and come up with innovative tastes to make a strong first impression on your customers.

The appetizer menu at a restaurant can go a long way in making a positive impact on your customer’s dining experience. Possessing a variety of tastes in your appetizer menu will give your customers the ability to try foods of different cultures in one sitting. Whether it is fresh bread with olive oil and vinegar in Italy, chips and salsa in Mexico, or chicken wings in the United States, appetizers can provide a small taste of a specific culture, which will enhance your customer’s dining experience.

Cotati Food Service offers a wonderful mix of appetizers that will broaden your menu and help increase sales at your restaurant. Looking for a traditional hispanic dish to provide your customers with a bite of Mexico? Pair our El Monterey Chicken and Cheese Taquitos with guacamole and salsa to form a mouthwatering, shareable plate. Add our Brew City Beer Battered Onion Rings or Fred’s Battered Mozzarella Sticks to offer your customers a variety of salty, crispy finger food. Take advantage of the recent popularity of Asian fusion cuisine by combining our Golden Tiger Pork Potstickers with a ginger sauce to create a small, zesty offering.

Contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how we can help your restaurant. Our expansive product catalog has the ingredients and products to improve your appetizer menu and create tasty new options for your valued customers!

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