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Best Employment Practices Admist Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way that everyone does business. Being creative and innovative is the key to standing out and surviving. Employees are the bread and butter of a company, so how you attract and retain them is incredibly important.

Getting Employees Back to Work

Restaurants need to do everything to keep their staff safe and healthy. The staff needs to be aware of the risks when socializing with others and the protocols to follow regarding being sick or exposed. Employees should have their temperatures checked regularly before work if possible. Be prepared by over-scheduling or have on-call slots for shifts in case there are walk outs or absences.


Plan on spending a couple shifts with your staff to review procedures. Review how curbside pickup and delivery will work if this applies to your operation. Lay out a plan and try to enforce it by sending a consistent message to all staff. Review information on face coverings and proper hand washing techniques.


Some employees may not come back due to child care issues, are at high-risk, or are caring for an at-risk loved one. Have a plan to your hiring process that is safe and will ensure that you will get high quality employees.

During this time, it is important to pay attention to the changes and adapt to meet them. If you do this, your operation will begin to thrive and move in the right direction again. Cotati Food Service has high quality products at great prices. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you in helping your operation succeed!

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