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Baking Needs for the Holidays!

One of the best parts of the holidays is the food. It is impossible to think of the holiday season without thoughts of pumpkin pie, gingerbread cookies, and peppermint bark. Consumers look forward to these delicious holiday tastes throughout the year. The demand for these flavors presents a wonderful opportunity for operators, as they can increase sales by incorporating festive flavors into their baked goods.

The upcoming holiday season brings a significant increase in baking around the country. Operators turn their focus to crafting delicious pies, rich cakes, tasty muffins, and cookies. Popular holiday baked goods rely on the same foundational ingredients, and the quality of these ingredients has a major influence on consistent production of mouth-watering baked goods. Operators must prepare for an increase in baking volume and stock their shelves with high-quality baking ingredients for the holidays.

Cotati Food Service can supply your operation with the tools to create scrumptious, holiday-inspired baked goods. Our product catalog is filled with essential ingredients for a wide range of baking needs, such as flour, butter, milk and eggs. We can also provide recipe specific ingredients, such as pumpkin, chocolate chips, and molasses. Our selection of well-respected and established brands will help your operation produce baked goods with rich flavors and consistent texture.

Contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how our products can help your restaurant during the holidays!

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