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Baking Made Easy with Buchmann Eggs

Eggs are an essential ingredient to any delicious pastry. They don’t just offer flavor. Eggs provide texture, structure, leavening, and even color to baked goods. But what if you use liquid eggs in your recipe? Are they the same as regular eggs? Will your customers notice? Of course not! Liquid eggs are real eggs sold in liquid form. Liquid eggs are beneficial because they:

● Save time on kitchen labor

● Reduce waste & eliminates kitchen mess

● Efficient & you saves money

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Choosing to use liquid eggs will depend on what you want to accomplish. Liquid egg is excellent for use as an egg wash to help add color and structure to pastries. You could use it to make scrambled eggs, omelets, and other delicious pastries. Whatever your reason, be sure to choose a high-quality brand of liquid egg. Why is this important? Baking is a science that requires specific ingredients to perform particular functions. Quality affects the outcome of your food EVERY time.

Buchmann offers a wide selection of egg products. We are San Diego’s premier supplier of organic, cage-free liquid eggs, both whole egg and egg whites. Let us bring the flavor of your food to the next level with Buchmann eggs!


Eggs are a staple in every household, and Buchmann Eggs is one of San Diego’s top providers of them. Check out the industries we’ve served!

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