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Bakery Trends During COVID Era

With COVID, there has been a shift in consumer behavior that is likely to continue beyond the pandemic. There was a preference for packaged bakery products and core bread products, like white, brown, and wholemeal.

Because many people in the community have lost jobs, there is a need for nutritious food that costs less. Those in the ingredient industry can help with things like reduced sugar, high fiber levels and increased protein. There continues to be development projects from bakeries during this time. The main concern is consumers wanting to go back to basics instead of more niche products. Many bakeries are focusing on cost reduction to prevent more of a financial crisis. Bakers will be expected to develop balanced formulations but at lower cost.

It is crucial for operations to continue to follow consumer behavior and adapt their businesses to ensure success. If your operation does this, you will be sure to have customer satisfaction and increased sales. Buchmann Eggs has all of the best bakery ingredients for your operation. Contact us today!

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