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Bacon and Sausage Provide Value Throughout the Menu!

There are four to five staple foods that customers expect to see on every breakfast menu. This includes eggs, pancakes, waffles, and different types of meat. Restaurants must stock their kitchen with these foods due to the tremendous popularity they have. Bacon and sausage are two types of meat that are heavily ordered during breakfast, yet can be used throughout the menu.

While they are often served in breakfast dishes, bacon and sausage provide value for a variety of different plates. Bacon is a featured ingredient in several traditional favorites, such as a BLT or a Bacon Cheeseburger. When chopped into bits, it is a scrumptious topping that can elevate side dishes. Bacon bits add texture and flavor to a baked potato or a plate of vegetables. Sausage pairs wonderfully with fresh peppers and crispy bread to form an Italian sub. It can also be served in a toasted hot dog bun to offer customers another delicious option.

Our exclusive Holiday savings promotion includes high-quality cuts of bacon and sausage. We offer juicy slices of honey cured bacon, as well as pre-cooked bacon slices and bacon bits courtesy of Daily’s Premium Meats. Our promotion also includes skinless maple sausage links and a spicy sausage chorizo patty from Jones Dairy Farm. Your chefs can use these delicious products to bolster the breakfast selection and create new favorites in the lunch and dinner menu.

The Holiday savings promotion ends on December 21st, so be sure to act quickly and stock up on these essential items at a terrific value!

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