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All You Knead Is More Bread On Your Menu

At Cotati Food Service, we offer almost 100 different kinds of bread. From white to wheat, buns to loafs, you can find what you need through our product catalog. We provide a full range of baked solutions that make it easy to provide your customers with a list of delicious breads to choose from.

Here are 10 must haves on every menu:

1. French Baguette

Stuff this French Baguette with eggs, meat, and cheese for a loaded morning option.

2. Pita Bread Pocket

The perfect bread to make a quick breakfast sandwich.

3. Bun Brioche

A sweet bun for your savory meat patty to make the ultimate brunch burger.

4. Grain Bread

Healthy grain bread provides a tasty option for health-conscious customers.

5. Blueberry Strudel

Amazing on its own or served with complementary sides and toppings.

6. Cinnamon Swirl

The perfect morning sweet to satisfy every sweet tooth.

7. Sourdough Loaf

The classic flavor of rich sourdough is the perfect bread needed to introduce avocado toast to the menu.

8. Rye Pinwheel Swirl

Best baked in the oven served with something sweet, such as jam or syrup.

9. Lavish Original Wrap

The perfect wrap for breakfast innovations, healthy lunch options, and more!

10. White Reuben

A deli sandwich staple that every restaurant needs on their menu.

Find the best bread to satisfy your customers at Cotati Food Service today! Click here to view our complete product catalog.

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