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Adjusting Cocktails for Takeout and Delivery

As bars and restaurants continue to be closed or limited to what they can offer, to-go cocktails have become a staple for operations during this pandemic. Certain states have temporarily allowed this with certain rules to keep businesses afloat. It is important for the cocktails to be put in the right containers to make sure they stay the temperature they were intended to be drank at.

Cotati Food Service is delighted to offer all of the necessary takeout containers needed to ensure that your customers are satisfied. We can supply cold lids, both clear and styrofoam in a variety of different sizes as well as takeout cups made out of several materials. Consider a wider, shorter container for cocktails like the “Old Fashioned” or “Manhattan”, which can be provided in both plastic and bio-degradable cups made from corn. For other cocktails, such as margaritas, martinis, and mojitos, our 12 and 16-ounce cups, which come in both materials as well. Cotati Food Service can also provide the ingredients needed to create tasty cocktails. From fresh limes to tonic water, we have you covered.

This is an uncertain time for everyone, so it is important to have the necessary provisions to help your operation succeed. Contact Cotati Food Service today — we will supply all of your foodservice needs, helping your operation increase sales and customer satisfaction!

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