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Adding Different Types of Cheese Will Improve the Menu

Cheese is a special food. Every type of cheese from around the world features its own distinct flavor and texture that makes it unique. There are numerous benefits for restaurant operators to feature different cheese on their menu.

The addition of the proper cheese can enhance almost any appetizer, entrée, or side item. Fresh mozzarella, when paired with juicy tomatoes, forms a delicious caprese salad. Sharp American cheddar is the ideal option for a warm, toasty grilled cheese that accompanies a bowl of tomato soup. Creamy cotija on top of black beans turns a routine side item into an irresistible taste of Hispanic culture.

A block of cheese has tremendous versatility in your kitchen. It can be served in many different forms. When grated, it is the perfect finishing touch to warm soups and pastas. When finely sliced, it forms an essential ingredient for mouthwatering sandwiches and burgers. Lastly, it can be cut into chunks and added to a cheese plate that will bolster your appetizer menu.

Operators can capitalize by purchasing different types of cheese. The restaurants that have the most diverse collection of cheese are able to create more menu items that highlight the rich flavors of their cheese. This provides customers with more options, which can boost customer satisfaction and encourage more visitors to come back for another meal.

Cotati Food Service has a vast supply of cheese that will fit all of your restaurant’s needs. We carry an expansive assortment of cheese from the most trusted and reputable brands. This includes traditional favorites such as cheddar, swiss, and parmesan. Our product catalog can provide your restaurant with tasty alternatives, such as feta, gouda, and muenster. Our cheese products also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from large blocks to pre-sliced cuts.

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