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Add Versatility to Your Menu with Cheeses

Cheese is one of the most delicious ingredients that most cultures have used to create mouthwatering recipes for thousands of years! Whether you incorporate cheeses into a charcuterie board or use a grated garnish for a pasta dish, this guide will show you some ways to boost your menu’s versatility! Look at this list of cheeses to see what they can do for your palette:

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1) Parmesan – This Italian cheese can be used to make classic pasta like spaghetti and lasagna or be used in more exotic dishes like parmesan-crusted tilapia and zucchini. 

2) AmericanCreamy and salty American Cheese has a medium consistency that makes it perfect for sandwiches, cheesesteaks, cheeseburgers, and of course, mac and cheese. 

3) Pepper Jack – Pepper Jack is the hot tamale of the cheese world, adding a punch of spice into various meals like Mexican corn chowder, quesadillas, and even breakfast loaves!

4) Swiss – Swiss cheese is the holey and sweet cheese that has a nutty-like taste. Swiss is amazing in dishes like fondue, Swiss chicken sliders, and French onion soup.

5) Chao Slices – This vegan cheese is perfect for those lactose intolerant cheese lovers to add some much-needed dairy taste without any upset stomach! Vegan mac and cheese or panini are some excellent and easy meals made from Chao.

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