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Add Traditional Delights to Your Menu This St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and people are looking forward to delicious, themed menu items. Here are easy, tasty dishes you can add to your menu for the holiday.

Corned beef dinner. Corned beef is beef treated with large rock salt. You can serve corned beef in various ways, including sandwiches, as a dinner with cabbage and potatoes, in omelets, and so on.

Corned beef and cabbage casserole. People love casseroles! This dish is simple and involves beef and cabbage, two traditional Irish foods.

Shepherd’s pie. Reminiscent of Ireland, shepherd’s pie is a classic dish (and different than pot pie!). Combining potatoes, lamb, and vegetables into one dish is sure to make your customers happy.

Fried cabbage and sausage. Meat and cabbage are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! Although cabbage can be a bit bland on its own, adding in sausage and other vegetables makes this a surprising and tasty meal.

Irish stew with lamb and Guinness. Beer and meat complement each other perfectly on St. Patrick’s Day. This dish is sure to hit the spot.

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