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Add Plant-Based Options to Attract New Customers

Restaurant operators are always searching for new and innovative ways to bring more customers to their locations. Because of the desire to meet the needs of as many potential customers as possible, restaurant managers must be hyper-aware and responsive to the eating preferences of local, regional, and national consumers. One of the largest shifts in eating patterns has been the emergence of the plant-based diet.

Plant-based diets are centered on the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and nuts instead of meat. Vegetarians and vegans are two prominent groups of consumers that follow plant-based diets. The main reason that these diets have gained so much traction is the wide variety of health benefits. These benefits include easier weight loss, improved digestion, and lowered odds of developing heart disease.

New data suggests that the plant-based market offers restaurant operators a huge opportunity for new customers and business. A recent study by Technomic found that only 27% of restaurants satisfied vegetarian and vegan eaters. This is a small percentage for a population of customers that is growing in number and popularity each year. Restaurants offering high quality plant-based options that are able to satisfy vegetarians and vegans can potentially gain a whole new group of customers, as dissatisfied plant-based followers will likely be open to trying new restaurants. This situation represents a tremendous growth opportunity for operators that are willing to adapt and diversify their menu.

The popularity of plant-based eating has clearly shaken up the food industry. Operators have been forced to change their menu to meet the eating preferences of their customers. Luckily, Cotati Food Service possesses a versatile product catalog that is equipped to supply ingredients for a wide variety of diets. Use our Haas avocados (950048) to join the popular avocado toast trend and create a tasty breakfast or snack offering. Sweet potatoes provide a delicious option for plant-based eaters to enjoy for a side item or a snack during the day. We offer sweet potato fries (100728), pancake mix (814292), and simply the raw potato (950181) to fit your diverse needs. Looking to add a delicious veggie burger to your menu? Try our Garlic and Quinoa Veggie Burger (106231) to expand your burger offering. Contact Cotati Food Service to learn more about how we can supply your restaurant with new ingredients and products so you can capitalize on the plant-based eating crave sweeping the country!

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