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Add Festive Coffee Drinks to the Menu!

People love hot drinks when it’s cold outside. A steaming hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate can help warm up the entire body and make cold weather bearable. Warm drinks are more popular during the cold weather months of fall and winter. Operators can offer specific hot beverages that will increase sales and capitalize on demand.

There are several different ways restaurants can serve hot coffee to customers. Almost every restaurant will have traditional black coffee and serve it with milk, half and half, or sugar. Operators can invest in an espresso machine to help stand out against their competitors. Espresso machines will produce shots of espresso and warm, foamy milk to create delicious, year-round lattes. While some customers may enjoy straight shots of espresso, the real opportunity for restaurants is adding the option of a latte to the menu.

The latte has become a customer favorite in recent years. The taste of rich espresso and texture of frothed milk have made it extremely popular. From a morning wakeup to an afternoon pick-me-up, lattes are ordered throughout the day. They can also fit a variety of different dietary demands. This largely depends on the type of milk used, ranging from whole milk to non-fat to almond. The versatility of the latte attracts customers with different eating preferences.

On top of the traditional latte, an espresso machine can lead to the creation of different seasonal favorites. Operators can add flavored syrup to offer a Pumpkin Latte during the fall. Another option is to include a small cup of eggnog to create an Eggnog Latte. Both of these items will help restaurants fully take advantage of customer demand for warm, holiday drinks. This will increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

The fresh solutions at Cotati Food Service can provide operators with the ingredients to add these drinks to the menu. We have Torani Pumpkin Spice Syrup in our product catalog, which quickly turns a standard latte into a seasonal delight. We also offer ground nutmeg, which is a vital finishing touch to any Eggnog Latte.

Please contact our team for more information about how we can help improve your menu for the holidays!

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