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Adapt Your Operation in Times of COVID-19

Consumer’s needs are constantly changing with these current circumstances, especially with food demand. Here are some ways your operation can continue while facing this pandemic, especially as a bakery.

  1. Optimize in-store management

Rearranging your opening hours to allow time to follow up on hygiene measures, restock and keeping your team healthy is vital. Also, look at your product and see how your customers’ behaviors have changed since the outbreak, possibly minimizing your range of bread or menu items to keep your services up.

  1. Pick-up and delivery at home

Offer customers the option to pick-up at their convenience or have their order delivered to their home. Online ordering allows customers to order 24/7, making it easier to manage and results in higher customer demand.

  1. Openly and honestly.

Being open and honest during this time can be easing for customers. Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes, thinking of hygiene, product range, and services. Keep in touch with your customers on social media to keep them informed. Try to think out of the box on ways to adapt your services.

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