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Buchmann ParentsEstablished in 1961 by two hard-working Swiss immigrants in San Diego, Ca. Determined to become American farmers Max and Hedy Buchmann went to work on their dreams of supplying local Bakeries, Restaurants, and grocery stores with fresh eggs.

Everyone in the family helped on the farm, working day in and day out to grow the best product possible.

Quality and service was a major focus for the company to grow and be successful.

As the years went on so did the demand and the need for more barns and supply were inevitable. For two decades the farm grew until the business outgrew the land. By the third decade, Max became the president of the local feed coop and had made many good relationships with other like-minded local farmers that had the same values in fresh grown eggs. Networking good farmers to grow for Buchmann Eggs Inc. was the next step in staying competitive and diversifying the business.

If there was one thing Max understood it was you must adjust for moving times and this was a good time to move into bakery goods and restaurant supplies to gain insurance in the market place with Eggs. It started with dry goods such as pancake mix, flour, sugar, shortening, and oils. Customers were so happy that they had options from a smaller more personal supplier that was already known for great products and service.

In 1997 Max and the second generation Max A. Buchmann decided it was a good time for his father to enjoy the fruits of his labor and retire. Max Jr. went on to purchase the business and land to continue the legacy. With the help of a great staff and loyal customers, the business was able to bring on more bakery and restaurant supplies to provide top brand products at competitive pricing with outstanding service.

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