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7 Tips for Hiring Restaurant Staff

Hiring and retaining talent in the San Francisco Bay Area is one of many difficult challenges restaurant owners face. In metros where the cost of living exceeds what restaurants can afford to pay their employees, restaurant employees are either moving, juggling multiple jobs or leaving the industry all-together. While we can’t solve the the cost of living crisis, what we can do is come up with creative solutions to help you staff your restaurant. This week, Yelp Reservations partnered with Instawork, a marketplace for local jobs used by nearly 2,000 restaurants, bars, and cafes, to learn more about the current employment landscape. Here are the top 7 tips for hiring restaurant staff in a competitive market that you can start using today.

read more – https://www.yelpblog.com/2016/10/7-tips-hiring-restaurant-staff-competitive-market

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