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5 Keys for Restaurants to Thrive in the New Normal

As the pandemic continues, businesses have been reopening, and customer preferences and habits have changed significantly. There are several strategies that will help operations thrive during this time.

1. Be resourceful and think outside the box

Restaurants should try to utilize outdoor space by transforming parking lots into dining areas. This allows them to be properly distanced to ensure proper safety regulations. Because indoor dining is unavailable in many places and revenue is lower than normal, restaurants need to take advantage of every sales channel available. Many operators have added takeout, third-party delivery, ordering on their websites, and even mobile ordering on-site.

2. Focus on convenience, for your customers and your staff

Convenience has become incredibly important, and restaurants should have well placed signage and instructions with accessible menus, whether that be physical or digital. Show guests how to use a QR code or mobile ordering, making it as simple as possible. Staff should also have an easy system with taking and managing orders.

3. Use the right technology

Your platform should support all of your sales channels easily, allowing you to add new ones if necessary. The devices should also be easy to move and repurposed. This flexibility will help keep things running smoothly in your operation.

4. Experiment to determine what approach works best for your business

Having the right model and ordering concept will help your operation stand out. Find creative ways to present QR code signage and change your menu design. To boost sales, offer retail items and merchandise. Try to find out what works and what doesn’t for your business.

5. Optimize everything.

With many new sales channels and models, try to decide what is driving success. It helps give you insights on what needs improvement and what is excelling.

Knowing answers to these questions will allow you to have the greatest impact on your business. An operation who continuously strives to make their business better will succeed in the market, whatever it may bring. Cotati Food Service is proud to assist you in any foodservice need — contact us today.

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